Thursday, February 5, 2009

Yesterday and Today's Project

Monday I was disgusted with my cluttered closet in our extra bedroom, so I decided to clean it out (a project still going on today). After finding lost treasures I decided to also clean out the linen closet and the chest with all my sewing and crafting projects. Of course I've made a bigger mess, but I did accomplish an actual project. I went off on a tangent and decided to make a piece of altered art. During my dig in the depths of the closet I found a gold plastic frame that I had bought for .50. Hmmm..... IDEA, IDEA, IDEA! I painted the frame white and then used some old, stained hankies to make a beautiful wall decoration. I had to cut the trim from the base hanky, but I couldn't stand to see the trim go to waste. I used it to make flowers. I used another hanky that had holes and was stained. This one had some neat looking flowers that were unharmed. I dug around some more and found some kool buttons to use. I experimenting with Etsy to see if I can things that way.


  1. Looking good! Love the pictures of my grandfurbabies.

  2. How creative. That looks great! That is a great idea for using stained hankies or old napkins, and even covering the stains with appliques or some such. You've inspired me.